What are the advantages of investing in the St. Marys Area United Way?

You are helping to provide funding for area non-profit programs that address critical needs in our communities. Funding allocations are determined by a volunteer panel of donors who review funding requests, evaluate sites and hear oral presentations to determine which programs can produce the most beneficial and measurable results. This ensures your investment is efficiently and effectively utilized.

How much of the money collected by the St. Marys Area United Way stays local and goes to the non-profit agencies you support? 

From July 2016 to June 2017 a nominal 9.7% of monies collected went toward the St. Marys Area United Way expenses. Of the 9.7% less than 1% of the St. Marys Area United Way pledges went to dues to the United Way Worldwide, therefore 90.3% of the collected money went directly to the agencies we support.

Who makes the decisions on which area programs receive funding and how much?

Volunteers from the St. Marys area community, just like you, make the decisions. Last year, over 20 volunteers invested time evaluating requests through a process that ends with the recommendations for funding sent to the St. Marys Area Board of Directors for final approval. Community investment = Community decisions!

Why should I invest in the community through the St. Marys Area United Way when I could just give directly to a non-profit agency? 

The United Way is about people helping people and making a positive impact all across the community. When you invest in the United Way you invest in making a difference in not just a few hundred lives, but thousands. Annually, the United Way programs and partnerships positively serve the entire St. Marys Area. By donating to the St. Marys Area United Way, our volunteers remain diligent in ensuring your gift is spent locally.

What is the easiest way to contribute?

  • – Payroll deduction where available
  • – Cash, Check, or Money Order
  • – Bill Pay from your local bank